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Indigenous Health

Indigenous Health

The Cairns region is home to around 19,000 Indigenous people, but recent statistics from the Queensland Department of Health show the median life expectancy for Indigenous people is just 52 years for men and 57 years for women (more than 20 years less than non-Indigenous Cairns residents). There are also significant inequalities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in relation to:

  • Chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, renal failure, and cardio-vascular disease
  • Infant health issues such as eye infections like trachoma and middle ear infection
  • High rates of communicable diseases, including sexually transmitted infections
  • Substance abuse, and high rates of alcohol and tobacco use
  • Mental health including depression

At Omega Health Medical Centre we are helping to close this gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and recognise the need for culturally appropriate medical care for all our clients.

Our Indigenous Health Worker, Virginia Coutts, is happy to be here for her people and getting to know their family and medical history to provide help and healing and improve quality of life. Virginia looks after Men’s Business and Women’s Business, antenatal care, and general Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health-checks.

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